Aircon Servicing

With the warm and humid weather in Singapore, it is no wonder that people sometimes mistake that they are in a sauna. Beat the heat with our aircon servicing packages. Reward your hardworking aircons today by giving them a thorough check up, a good scrub, and basic maintenance procedures. This will ensure they continue to help keep the air in your house refreshingly cool and clean.


Trouble with a choked drain or toilet bowl? In many cases, you can deal with this yourself. But if the clog is too severe or if you suspect you are not that talented in this area, it might be a better idea to engage a professional plumber to save the day. We provide 24hours plumbing service. Call us now @ 8100 3308


Trying to fix or maintain plumbing and electrical works on your own? Let’s learn from the experts. Get DIY Home tips from here!


Electrical problems can be highly hazardous and you should not attempt to deal with it yourself unless you have sufficient technical and electrical safety know-how. With our pool of licensed professional electricians, SGHandyMan helps by providing the following services. We provide 24hour electrician call us now @ 8100 3308

Our Slogan

” Our electricians and plumbers are licensed and certified by Energy Market Authority (EMA) and the Public Utilities Board (PUB) respectively to provide professional services, so you can be assured that you and your property are in good hands. “plumber and electrician 8100 3308